Essen Modern Kosher Catering is just that: kosher foods that reflect modern culinary styles, made with real ingredients that have stood the test of time. There are so many wonderful ways to cook delicious, intriguing and healthful kosher food that there’s really no reason to imitate trefe dishes with faux ingredients.

We combine that love and respect for food, and kashrus, with our 30 years of experience in catering. Essen is supervised by Traditional Kosher Supervision, providing a conservative hechsher, and we take our obligation to the Jewish community seriously.

We received a thank you note on September 17th from a bride just back from her honeymoon:

“Suzanne: THANK YOU! With many apologies for taking so long to write to you, Eytan and I wanted to send a big thank you for making our wedding a spectacular event. I know it was a complicated event with many pieces and lots of planning, but you were calm, helpful, accommodating, creative, and supportive throughout. We got so many compliments on the feeling of the wedding - warm and inclusive - and so much of that had to do with the space and the feeling you and your team were able to create (and the food! which was great.) Thank you again and all the best, A____ “

You will not find better catered kosher food that’s made and served with more care. Emes.